About Us

david kerryDRYabode are a property care company based in Preston specialising in the repair and renovation of buildings in relation to damp, water ingress, and structural defects.

We possess an unrivalled determination to diagnose the root causes of building defects using the skills of our CSRT qualified surveyor (Property Care Association) and have a growing reputation for customer service, quality of workmanship and long term effectiveness of our work.

We are very proud of our increasing regular client base. Please refer to  the testimonials page where you can see our work and what our clients have to say about us.

We offer a wide range of services from damp proofing, roofing and re-build to specialist repairs such as chimneys, lead gutters, cavity trays and plumbing leaks. Please take a look at our Services page for a further insight.

Welcome to DRYabode Property Care. We specialise in the diagnosis and repair of all building defects involving dampness and water ingress in domestic and commercial buildings.

We carry out building defect surveys and produce professional technical reports based on the findings. We have no bias towards any particular building defects or solution as we carry out whatever works are necessary to correct the root cause. Damp control is but one of our services, along with many others such as roofing, chimneys and structural repairs.

Our surveys are carried out by our CSRT qualified damp and timber expert (Property Care Association) who is also an experienced degree qualified quantity surveyor so we can also provide accurate costs as part of our services.

Diagnosis and repair of all building defects is our daily core business and as such we have both theoretical and practical experience of the construction of buildings and how they fail.


 We carry out building defect surveys on a regular basis for a wide variety of private and professional clients which could relate to any one of a variety of building defects such as:

• Dampness, condensation and ventilation
• Timber decay and infestation
• Roofing, chimneys and gutters
• Structural movement in walls and roofs
• Cavity wall ties and lintels
• Thermal insulation

We use an array of technical equipment such as endoscope, thermal imaging, electronic moisture detection, detailed photography and metal wall tie detection. The data captured by these instruments can be downloaded to computer for analysis and incorporated into reports, which provides transparency and practical information upon which sound decisions can be made.

We firmly believe in getting it right first time and in providing quality long term solutions to a wide variety of building defects some of which are notoriously tricky to resolve such as dampness, roofing and chimney defects to name a few.

‘Dryabode’ are based in Preston and operate in other areas from the Fylde, down to Chorley and beyond.